Do you hear hissing or whooshing coming from your system? This usually indicates that you have a water leak. However, if not you could still have one. Water leaks in your heating system can be hard to find.

Here is a leak we found in the heating system of a local school in Roscommon recently. Insulation and a taped joint made it quite difficult to locate. We used tracer gas in order to to detect the leak. Helium or hydrogen is used as they are lighter than air. As a result, the gas pressurizes the leaky pipes and it rises out from the leak. We then detect where the water leak is with ease.

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It may look small but a water leak like this could leave you with serious damage  to you walls, floors and heating systems. Follow our tips to finding a water leak in your heating system.

1. The Paper Test.

Wrap some brown or coloured paper around and under your boiler. If some drops fall or appear on the outside of the boiler, the paper will become discoloured. Follow the trail of the drops to find the leak.

2.Radiator Check.

Look carefully at your radiators. Too much air can corrode your radiators. Thus tiny holes may be created, In addition, you may even notice a hissing sound. This makes noticing you have a water leak at all very difficult.

3.Boiler Inspection.

Visually inspect your boiler and feed pipes thoroughly and make sure you check them for any signs of water damage. You can run your hand along the pipes to check for any cold spots. Don’t actually touch the pipes, only hover over them as they could still be hot. Blockages can cause these cold spots and may cause a leak.

If you’ve checked everywhere but still can’t find the leak, don’t hesitate to call!

Water Leaks in your Heating System
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