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Domestic & Commercial Leak Detection

High water bills with normal water use? Unexplained water consumption even when no one is home or onsite? Has your local authority noticed high water usage outside normal business hours? This could be due to a water leak. As property owners you are responsible for fixing any leaks in and around your property. Our state of art leak detection equipment and professional team can help you with all you leak detection needs. Call us today for a leak detection quote!

Hydrant Testing:

Fire safety is imperative to any property. You should test fire hydrants as least once a year for insurance purposes. Furthermore to ensure they work efficiently in case of a fire. Find out how we can ensure your fire hydrants are in correct working order.

Sprinkler Systems:

Sprinkler systems are proven to be very effective in controlling the development and spread of fire. These systems must be kept in working order. Therefore, you should test your sprinkler systems regularly and record the results. You must also fit sprinklers very carefully, thus avoiding lasting damage to your surroundings. We can provide specialised technicians to fit and test your sprinkler systems accordingly.