Specialists In Water Leak Detection!

Commercial & Domestic Leak Detection, Auditing and Surveying.

High water bills with normal water use?
Unexplained water consumption even when no one is around?
Has your local authority noticed high water usage outside normal business hours?
This could be due to a water leak!
As property owners you are responsible for fixing any leaks in and around your property.
Our state of art leak detection equipment and professional team can help you with all you leak detection needs.

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Equipment & Technology Used:
NW Water Services, employs the latest and greatest Leak Detection Technology on the market!
• Leak Detection (Domestic & Commercial)
• Pipeline Tracing
• Step Testing
• Hydrant Testing
• Water Softners
• Thermal Imaging
• Pressure Profiles
• Surveying
• Water Consumption Auditing

• Ireland
• N. Ireland
• England
• Wales
• Scotland

• No Downtime
• Fast Turnaround
• Data Analysis provided
• Find and Fix Programmes
• Reduced Usage Bills

Pipers Leak Detection Technology

In-Line screening for small diameter pipelines using free floating smart sensors.

Almost 40% of pipelines are unreachable using current inspection/detection technologies. However, recent advances in microelectronics and machine learning have led to an innovative solution; Pipers, free-floating smart pipeline sensors. For the first time, there is a cost effective, easy to use solution to gain visibility into the interior of your organisations entire pipeline infrastructure.

Inspection in the palm of your hand.

NW Water Services, in cooperation with INGU Solutions Pipers technology, offers universal pipeline access through smart sensor technology capable of navigating even the smallest pipelines under the most challenging conditions. Pipers travel with the flow within operational pipelines, mapping the interior as well as detecting leaks, magnetic features, geometric defects and deposits that threaten the performance and safety - all with zero downtime. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet powerful enough to travel great distances over its 24-hour screening range, Pipers hardware is provided at no cost. Customers only pay for the data analytics and reporting that they need
• Leak Detection
• Pipeline Geometry
• Deposit Survey
• Magnetic anomalies
• Pressure Profile

• Water, Liquid, Gas Pipelines
• Steel, Copper, Plastic, HDPE etc
• 2’’ and Larger on New pipes
• 3’’ and Larger on Aged pipes
• Up to 1’450 PSI
• Up to 24 Hour runtime
• Class I, Zone 0 environment

• Easily Deployed
• No Hardware Costs
• Fast Turnaround
• No Downtime
• Data Analysis provided