Leak Detection – Domestic & Commercial

Water leaks can have a devastating effect on any property and can cost thousands to rectify. By promptly calling NW Water Services, we can locate the source of the leak to prevent major damage to the contents and foundations of home or building. Using state of the art equipment we find the leak right at the source, reducing the need for extensive ripping up of floorboards or the digging up of concrete flooring.

24 Hour Emergency Response: 

At NW Water Services no problem is too big or small. If you have a leak we will find and fix it.


Having water leaks in your business could lead to unnecessary costs and could progress into a bigger problem.

With our quick call outs and locating leaks quickly and professionally, we can help to reduce costs and minimise disruption.


Irish Water plans to introduce an excessive usage charge from July 2019. Excessive usage will occur where a household uses more than 213,000 litres a year. This would be 583.5 litres a day  per household. Normally this would be hard to reach, but with a leak this is very easy to achieve.

With homeowners responsible for fixing any leaks internally or externally on their property, this could lead to high and unexpected bills annually.

Hydrant Testing:

Fire safety is imperative to any property. Fire hydrants must be tested annually for insurance purposes and to ensure that they work efficiently in case of a fire.Some insurance policies can be declared null and void if they aren’t tested to standards.

NW Water Services can provide professional technicians to test hydrants to BS:9990 criteria. These tests include pressure logging and establishing the maximum sustainable flow rate.

Sprinkler Systems:

Sprinkler systems are proven to be very effective in controlling the development and spread of fire. To keep these systems in working order, they should be tested regularly and recorded. They must also be fitted very carefully to avoid lasting damage to surroundings.

We can provide specialised technicians to fit and test your sprinkler systems.

Pipe Tracing:

Thumping pulses are sent down the line of pipe. We then use acoustic microphones to detect these pulses; helping us to locate your leak quickly and efficiently.

Thermal Imaging:

This helps find leaks by detecting a heat patch that shows up on the floor or wall where the leaking pipe is. It is used usually when detecting leaks in heating systems.

Step Testing:

This is method of testing is the best way to identify large leaks within a water distribution network like Group Water Schemes. It follows the flow of water through zones marked on a map, supplied by a single meter.


This incorporates locating where meter boundary boxes are to be fitted using stop tap finders, to locate stop taps which may be buried. The names of customers and addresses are found and logged onto maps.


Full reports of all audits are done up for all our customers across a range of sectors that need them such as  IDA parks ad housing estates. These can also be used when claiming back from insurance companies.

Other Services 

  • Plumbing Services
  • Solar Panel Fitting
  • Rain Harvesting Systems

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